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A little glance on the most seen items this week on the streets of Copenhagen, Scandinavian’s strongest capital for street fashion. And when we talk about trends, Copenhagen and Stockholm are really on the top of the European’s trendiest capitals and important cities for the fashion scenario.

Since my work consists basically going from one shop to another and on being nearly full time in contact with what the fashion industry proposes, I’m bringing you the unavoidable trends for this week.

puma trendy leather classci

Yes, the super trendy Puma is everywhere thanks also to Kylie Jenner who is publicizing it in a hot pose where her body features are more the center of the attention than the Puma itself. But comments apart, the Puma is a hit, either on it’s suede or leather version. You will find them in many colors and they are super fun to wear.

adidas gazelle trendy suede

Yes, it’s a classic, the Gazelle is back in suede or leather and in many colors. Is it the end of the Stan Smith? Yes, it is. RIP…It was a trend. And as everybody knows, a trend comes and goes. There’s nothing you can do about it. I still see white sneakers around, of course, but the Stan Smith fever is over. Better wear other options if you don’t want to look too obvious and expected.

rihanna puma fenty slides

How could I not talk about the shoes of the moment? The Rihanna Fenty for Puma is a sold out everywhere. That’s the fever of the cool look to lift up any outfit. It’s a big hit and all the coolest bloggers, fashion lovers are wearing or desiring these darlings! Me included! You can find them in 4 colors. The ultimate cool accessory for the edgiest look!

vetement levis trendy jeans

And the mega trend of Vetements jeans is still strong. Yes, they continuo strong and still. For those who are not aware of the art behind these beautiful pants, it’s basically 2 pairs of vintage Levi’s sewed together. Therefore the prices are quite high also. Vetements was so clever in this creation that these jeans are really going to stay with us for much longer than even the inventors thought. I hope! They are the statement of the coolness with the right edge. Perfect! Bravi Vetements!!!

Ok, so it’s all for now, but I’ll be back next week with more updates. See you soon!







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