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No Sun, no beach…just work in Copenhagen

Ok, and then it’s already the end of July and we only had two days of heat in our trendy Copenhagen. I did not quit yet. I still hope that August will be hot…ahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!! No, I don’t! But there’s always Italy and Spain to save us! Easy to take a plane and in only 2 hours you are there. Let’s see if I can find a minute.

t-shirt and plead skirt is a the best combo for an urban look in copenhagenI have this blog for collecting and posting my favorite things in life and sharing with whomever wants to take it… but lately I have no free time at all due to work and studies. So sorry dudes! I just love Copenhagen and I see things here that are just amazingly beautiful and interesting!!! I really hope I’ll be able to do all the articles that I want to!

t-shirt and plead skirt is a the best combo for an urban look in copenhagenAnd to keep edgy and modern, let’s then mix a classic chic pleaded skirt and a cool tee in order to break the boredom of the look. Grab your coffee and you are ready to go to the office until the end of the day… and maybe even go out at night with your friends. I love Copenhagen and don’t miss anywhere… I even don’t feel like traveling anymore. I have everything I love here! Ok… I miss Sweden… yes, Stockholm… I love there too. But they are having the same type of weather there too this year.

t-shirt and plead skirt is a the best combo for an urban look in copenhagenWe are all still waiting for the hot summer in Copenhagen. Let’s hope for August. I have my picnic basket, blankets, shorts and bikinis ready to go!!!! In the meanwhile, let’s work.

t-shirt and plead skirt is a the best combo for an urban look in copenhagenHope see you soon with another cool post from the streets of somewhere hot!!!! Ahahahahah!!! Going to Italy soon!!!! For today I’m wearing my silk chiffon pleaded skirt, American football tee, black pumps and black cross body bag. Hope you liked it. See you soon my friends! Thank you so much for following



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