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La Mer lip balm “The Lip Balm”

My dear readers,

As you know, specially the ones who know me personally or have been following me since the beginning of this blog, I hardly publish or talk about beauty products. The reason is that I keep my life as simple as possible. I’m not a big beauty products consumer.

I keep it simple with my coconut oil and apply it everywhere on my body and hair. That’s it. I don’t need anything since I eat healthy and do my yoga. But this autumn is specially cold and windy here in Copenhagen and I have my lips very dry. I’ve tried with the coconut oil, and it didn’t work… the weather is really severe these days and Scandinavian climate is not a joke.

Then I started researching for the best lip balm in the market, because I might not be a huge beauty products consumer, however, I only buy a product if it is really the best I can find, no matter the price…and they are usually expensive.

la mer fantastic lip balm

I found La Mer lip balm the best for me. This tiny little, but so elegant plastic jar (which I think is awesome in case it falls on the floor, it doesn’t break) , is just perfect to have it in your bag and be taken everywhere you go. The size is really good, even though it might look too small, but believe me, it’s a great size. I use it so much, and nothing happens to it. It’s a really concentrate formula and I believe it will last me for very very long.

la mer fantastic lip balm

The texture and the smell/taste are incredibly good! It tastes like mint! But it’s not overwhelming…it’s a very light and elegant fragrance. The size of the little jar allows you to apply it directly to your lips, which I find it fantastic for when you are in the car, bus, metro, etc., and don’t want to use your fingers. But of course you can always use your fingers and apply it as you prefer.

The texture is a heavy duty really strong lip balm that will moisturize, hydrate and protect your lips deeply! Once you apply it, you feel it sinking into your lips and making the miracle. I apply it always…always! Specially before applying my mat lipsticks, which can really dry/damage your lips and of course when I go out and be exposed to the cold weather.

la mer fantastic lip balm

As I said it’s an expensive product, but it’s really worth it, due to it’s durability. It works very much for my very sensitive lips. I’m very happy with it. I bought mine in Copenhagen at Magasin du Nord. Since most of my readers are from Denmark, Sweden and the USA, I believe you can find La Mer in the best shops of big cities.

Ps: it’s not an sponsored add…it’s my very own lip balm and I love it! I shop at Magasin du Nord always. They are not sponsoring me either. I just love it there because it’s a very traditional danish cozy/hyggeligt chic department store that have all the brands that I love.

Ok, this is it for today darlings! Hopefully see you soon with news…I have some great news for you!







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